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A development is the key - multi directional, dynamic, coordinated.
That's why I administrate, programme, take photos. Sometimes I write stories and I tale stories from very far worlds. I think that world is too interesting to close on any of its aspects.
I'm professionally IT engineer, I'm interested in IT administration and system engineering. I also worked with developers teams as IT administrator.

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Mikolaj Niedbala



Wyzsza Szkola Nauk Humanistycznych i Dziennikarstwa in Poznan

IT engineer from 2011

studies graduated with engineer degree

grammar school I Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace im. H. Kollataja in Krotoszyn

high school finals may 2005

profile of education: mathematics / physics / IT



deployment engeneer Jul 2017 - Present

  • deploying openstack with salt
  • deploying kubernetes with salt
  • deploying MCP
  • managing private clouds
  • application on-boarding with helm
  • programming in python


monitoring systems engineer May 2016 - Jul 2017

  • configuring Zabbix monitoring
  • configuring F5 load balancers
  • designing Puppet configurations
  • resolving network issues
  • bash scripting
  • python scripting
  • golang programming
  • linux administration
  • bare-metal servers management


junior monitoring systems engineer April 2015 - April 2016

  • configuring Zabbix monitoring
  • configuring F5 load balancers
  • managing Puppet configurations
  • resolving network issues
  • bash scripting
  • python scripting
  • linux administration
  • physical servers management

Contman Sp. z o.o.

implementation engineer July 2014 - March 2015

Configuring environments for EDMS application including:

  • MS Windows Active Direcotry configuration
  • Mysql servers configuration
  • Linux systems configuration
  • Apache2 servers configuration
Resolving issues with EDMS environments including:
  • backup bash scripts optimization
  • AD group policy rules adding
  • optimization of database servers configuration
  • environmental scaling
Conceptual work with EDMS environments projects.

Lubimycztac Sp. z o.o.

devops September 2013 - June 2014

  • OOP programing in PHP with SQL language
  • system monitoring with Zabbix
  • PHP and SQL code optimization

Hiperpromo Sp. z o.o.

linux administrator January 2012 - September 2013

design and develop web service IT infrastructure contains:

  • optimized content delivery solution: web servers (apache and nginx) with load-balancing, high vailability domains, static and dynamic content delivery separation
  • mysql server
  • basic DNS configuration
  • FTP server
  • system monitorng with Zabbix
  • VPN network
  • adserver OpenX
  • enterprise Gmail configuration
administration of system infrastructure icluding:
  • optimization of web and mysql serwers configuration
  • infrastructure optimization for high traffic
  • installation and configuration Zabbix
  • linux (Debian and Gentoo) administration
  • perl programming (eg. XML files generators inc. google site maps; data base synchronization)

PHU Akte Waldemar Konieczka

web apps administrator May 2010 - December 2011

  • CMS install and management (20 domains)
  • MySQL databases creation and management
  • apache server administration
  • web pages configuration (inc. DNS, email and FTP access configuration)
  • PERL programing
  • PHP programing
  • MS Windows administration
  • linux administration
  • bigger self-made projects:
    • mailing script with GUI (PHP+MySQL)
    • mailing script with GUI (PHP+PERL+MySQL)
    • Jommla => Wordpress migratory script (PERL)
    • consumer service solution (OTRS + consumer service script (PHP) + MySQL)


Take closer look on my skills and abilities. Bars shows advancement in specific skill.

  • linux administration (Gentoo, Debian, Archlinux)
  • Kubernetes
  • OpenStack
  • Apache & Nginx administration and configuration
  • load balancing and reverse proxying
  • F5 load balancers configuration
  • Mysql administration and configuration
  • caching (Varnish, Memcache)
  • network configuration and administration
  • monitoring with Zabbix
  • perl programming
  • python programming
  • bash programming
  • Puppet templates management

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